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Music Maker Plus



Music Maker Premium

More sounds. More instruments. All features.

  • Sounds, functions & instruments worth a total value of $699.00
  • All free sounds, features & instruments in Music Maker
  • NEW! 1 Soundpool Collection of your choice ($100.00 value)
  • NEW! 3 preset packs
  • NEW! 8 software instruments of your choice
  • NEW! 3 Soundpools of your choice


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Music Maker Premium

Music Maker
Celebrating 22 years of the original music making software

22 years ago, Music Maker set a new standard in loop-based music production. From here, everything suddenly panned out surprisingly easily and to this day this is still the reason why many successful producers use Music Maker to find ideas and to create quick and easy beat outlines.

And right on time for its anniversary, we're releasing the Music Maker that everyone has always dreamed of, one that is completely customizable. This means that depending on your edition you can put together all sounds, functions and instruments yourself. The perfect reason to produce a new party anthem, right?

The original for making your own music –now completely free.
Build your own Music Maker A lifetime of free updates

Build your own Music Maker

Build your own Music Maker Edition by activating Soundpools, Soundpool collections, features & software instruments. Choose from over 100 Soundpools and more than 30 software instruments.

A lifetime of free upgrades

Our promise: Music Maker will always stay up-to-date! This means, you'll be able to download the latest patches for bug fixes and basic features at any time. This will hold true for as long as we continue to develop the program.

Make your own music with Soundpools

A Soundpool consists of multiple audio building blocks in the form of loops for a musical genre. There are loops for beats, bass, melodies and even for vocals and rap. Just drag & drop to combine them the way you want! Best of all, everything easily fits together! See it in action in our video.

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Create your own music with software instruments

Every software instrument has its own sound. Every sound has a different story - and you get to decide how that story is told. Operate Music Maker using keyboard, mouse, MIDI or the MAGIX Audio Remote app. You can choose instruments for your Edition in the Music Maker Store (4 instruments for Plus Edition; 8 for Premium Edition).

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Record music

3...2...1... go! Connect your mike, USB keyboards and drum pad controllers and start your own recordings!

Record your own music

Record your own music

Simply connect a microphone, guitar or USB keyboard and you're ready to import your live music and record in studio quality with the lowest possible latency.

Jam with Music Maker

Experience a new sense of rhythm: Live Pad mode (available in Plus Edition and higher) lets you change beats and even mix live. Activate drums, breaks or vocal parts on the 16 pads, and then record.

Edit and mix music

A huge range of professional effects, including chorus, echoes, wah-wah and flanger, provide the sounds you need to get toes tapping.

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Finish music

Professional mastering tools are included in Music Maker Plus and higher editions enabling you to work with high precision when fine-tuning your final mix.

6 Band Equalizer

Auto mastering

Ready to complete your last mix? You can now automatically perfect the sound using the mastering presets designed for various genres. Improved sound analysis and practical monitoring features are also included.

Mastering suite

Once your song is completed, the mastering suite lets you create an even better vibe. Professional tools, such as the parametric 6-channel equalizer, the StereoFX module, the limiter and a multiband compressor provide the necessary finishing touches.

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