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Movie Edit Pro

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Movie Edit Premium

Movie Edit Plus

The perfect video studio

  • Storyboard and Timeline mode
  • Up to 900 effects, transitions, intros/outros & film music
  • NEW! High-speed editing functions
  • 32 multimedia tracks
  • Automatic wizards
  • NEW! New enhanced chroma key features
  • Plus pack: With additional effects worth a total value of $49.95
  • 6 special effects
  • Smooth 4K proxy editing
  • $475 worth of 4 premium plug-ins!


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Movie Edit Plus

Award-winning movie editor
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

Video editing with Movie Edit Pro enables you to create unique videos. Access high quality effects and easy operation for amazing results. For more than 15 years. With 93% satisfied customers, it's more popular than ever!* Whatever kind of video project you're planning, Movie Edit Pro sets you up for success.

Experience the difference!

Watch video

Video editing made easy.

Tranform your video recordings into breathtaking films! It's easy with MAGIX video editing programs. Edit your videos and show only the best scenes. Optimize colors, stabilize shaky recordings and add background music and effects. From lightning fast performance to precise control functions, choose your video editing program and present your films with Hollywood flair.

For all common formats.

Quick and easy: Storyboard

When it has to be quick: Select scenes, join them together using transitions and add music to match. Nothing is easier than in Storyboard mode!

For the details: Timeline

With up to 200 multimedia tracks to use, the possibilities are endless. For your big tasks, Timeline mode is best side using the precise controls.

For all common formats

Recordings from smartphones, digital cameras or even modern camcorders with 10-bit HEVC recordings: Movie Edit Pro processes all common video formats.

Endless world of effects

Slow motion, color explosions and epic movie titles: The heart of Movie Edit Pro is found in its collection of up to 1,500 effects. For those who want even more, the collection can be expanded even further with the in-app Store, found directly in the program.

Discover the world of effects now

Movie scores

Intros and outros

First and last impressions are everything. Various templates for intros and outros ensure uninterrupted entertainment. From start to finish.


Action-packed, breathtaking or understated – change the scene. Keep the excitement going.

Movie scores

Sound is every bit as important as image. Soundtracks produced by real musicians are available directly via the store.

Listen to a demo song

Color Effects

Slow motion and fast motion

The only thing that’s slow in Movie Edit Pro is the slow motion effect! Add extra drama to you scenes by editing the speed.

Camera pans and zooms

With Movie Edit Pro, you're in the director's chair! Add elegant camera pans or spectacular zoom effects to your video material.

Create a burst of color

Add color effects, modify the entire color scheme for a video or edit individual colors precisely.

Mercalli image stabilization

p>To help you fix one of the most common problems when filming: The best program available on the market!

The integrated proDAD Mercalli V2 rescues shaky video footage and transforms it into something amazing. Settle your nerves – and your video recordings!

Also included in Movie Edit Pro Plus

  • All Movie Edit Pro features
  • Bonus package with additional effects worth up to $49.95
  • 6 special effects
  • Smooth 4K proxy editing
  • Multicam editing for up to 4 cameras
  • 360° video editing
  • Fisheye correction
  • 200 multimedia tracks

Breathtaking special effects

Film studio effects in your videos!

Anything from Bond intros to yearning landscapes: Your very own dream factory becomes a reality with these special effects!



Lens reflections

Rule number one for realistic recordings: Lens reflections.

Define the incidence angle, size, appearance and even the positions of light reflections in your video recordings and create maximum atmosphere.

Shot match

Hollywood big shots provide the template! Shot Match gives your videos the look of your favorite films.

Additionally, you can give all scenes a uniform look, no matter what the original light conditions are, or what camera you used.

Video stamps

The license to mesmerize – just like in the legendary intros in Bond films. Create your own video stamp in any shape and color and simply place it over your video.

Smooth 4K proxy editing

The premium package of effects

Your ticket to the new, big world of effects from Movie Edit Pro.

Choose your favorite effects with a value of up to $49.95 from the new Store for free.

For example 5 intros/outros, 50 transitions, 50 songs or 200 sound effects.

Smooth 4K proxy editing

High speeds with high definition!

Even edit hi-res recordings smoothly – made possible thanks to innovative Playback Performance technology and 4K proxy edit.

Full 360° video editing

Movie Edit Pro is ready for your 360° videos – with a full package geared towards 360° video editing.

Don't have a 360° camera yet? Then try out 360° camera pans in photo panoramas.

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