Camtasia/SnagIT Bundle [SAC : 997331]

Camtasia/SnagIT Bundle [SAC : 997331]

Flippingbook Publisher [SAC : 997331]

Professional desktop software for Windows that allows you to convert PDF into unique interactive flipbooks
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Flippingbook Publisher

Excellent Reading Experience
To please every pair of eyes!

FlippingBook is conceptually made for those who value professional appearance and comfortable reading. FlippingBook's key targets are to make our clients' publications look perfect on any desktop or mobile device and to deliver the content as fast as possible.

Branding and Design
To demonstrate individuality.

Each publication created with FlippingBook looks exclusive thanks to the powerful design customization tools and the White Label option. We tell clients, “Your publication - your brand & style. There should be no garbage around.”

Rich Media
For stunning promotion.

Having impressed the reader with the realistic page-flipping animation, you can completely stun him with embedded videos, sound, Flash and links to other pages or relevant websites.

Distribution Options
To deliver information quickly and conveniently for the reader.

Web marketers and developers highly value FlippingBook distribution tools, which save their time and let them easily deliver information via several channels simultaneously.

To engage customers.

Sell directly from the page of your digital catalog by embedding shopping cart icons into it. Now viewers don't have to switch to a web store and spend time searching for an item they saw in a catalog. Reducing the number of steps to the purchase will increase your revenue.

Visitor Analytics
To monitor KPIs.

Trace visits and other data with Google Analytics to be aware of your publication's popularity.

FlippingBook Cloud Services
To satisfy picky IT experts.

As the largest part of the iceberg is below the water, so the greatest part of digital publishing quality depends on fast and secure access to content.

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